I Apologize

It’s been a busy week … laying out and printing the Psalms material that our adult Sunday classes will use for the next 15 weeks at my home church … building the 430+ page Upward Youth Sports site … correcting the grade numbers or college information for 300+ of our member kids on the online member database … implementing the function that would make them show up on the site, as well as the occupation for each of our members … plus all the usual stuff I do at my job.

Oh, yeah, and badly neglecting my New Wineskins responsibilities, though getting a couple more articles and an ad for ACU’s new FALL lectureship posted before the end the month, and therefore the July-August issue.

Oh, and ferrying the kids to school then taking Angi to the endoscopy clinic and then back home today for a routine colonoscopy procedure. (Two polyps removed; to be biopsied; no seeming cause for concern; come back in three years.)

So I haven’t blogged much recently.

I know. I’m ashamed. I’ve shunned and abused you.

I’m a terrible person.

6 thoughts on “I Apologize

  1. I’ve learned that “life happens” whether you’re blogging about it or not. Hope things slow down for ya. You ought to get some reward for having survived that dreaded “C” word!Oh, and the song for Carpenter’s Table is coming along nicely. I have a guitar version already, and we’re working on an acapella version. Chuck Hicks with Harding’s Good News Singers is working on it with his new group. I can’t wait until I have something to share with you. God bless!Lara Noah

  2. Chuck Hicks was a teenager singing with Harding’s “Time of Day” when I was pondering my college choices as a high school senior, and heard them perform.How cool is that?

  3. as long as you haven’t forgotten us and are still feeling guilty….we will forgive you. Just remember we are out here….waiting, patiently waiting…

  4. So I haven’t commented much recently.I know. I’m ashamed. I’ve shunned and abused you.I’m a terrible person.Well – not exactly a terrible person. Maybe just a bit slack. Non-commental?!Tell you what, Keith – update my link location to < HREF="http://deeandrews.net" REL="nofollow">http://deeandrews.net<>, the NEW “Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles” and I’ll repent and beg for forgiveness. Okay?Plus forgive you for not dropping in yet to tell me how great my new blogsite looks and not accepting your award in my lateest photo contest, in which you won an award.Actually – we all love you anyway and have really missed your posts. But we definitely understand about the time constraints. They plague us all.Cheers! Dee

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