Hard Words

Are you sure, Jesus?

If I want to follow You, I have to hate father, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters?

If I want to follow You, I can’t invite friends to a dinner I host … only poor people?

If I want to follow You, I must sell my possessions and give the proceeds to the poor?

If I want to follow You, I have to see myself only as an unworthy servant?

Lord, that doesn’t sound very self-esteem-building. Or familial. Or even friendly.

And it certainly doesn’t sound very American.

Are you sure about all that stuff?

3 thoughts on “Hard Words

  1. Keith, Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s ever had a moment when they thought it might be easier just to think Jesus was some crazy person from “olden” times?It’s not a recurring thought, but when I’m reminded of his radical teachings I can see why some choose to write him off or find it impossible to put these commands into practice.Thank God for grace, the Holy Spirit, and the promise that with Him all things are possible.Lara

  2. You know what seems just as crazy? Jesus suggests that we find true peace, joy and fulfillment when we embrace that life. In fact he tells us we become like springs of living water. Many people (including myself a lot of times) think peace comes from debt-free living, fulfillment comes from having what I want, joy comes from doing what I want.

  3. I am not convinced that these are literal commandments. I think the spirit of the command is necessary. Just as gouging out your eye is not a literal command. Drastic times call for drastic measures and the only way to come up with them, is to think drastically.

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