My Name is Keith Brenton, and I Did Not Approve of This Message

This isn’t a political post.

It’s one of those techno-nerdy posts.

You see, last night my e-mail address of almost 10 years was used by one of those spamming software resellers as the originating e-mail address for a message sent to thousands of people about OEM (original equipment manufacturer) software.

I know this, because I have more than 500 returned-message notices in my inbox this morning.

Thank heaven it wasn’t a message for internet porn, or worse.

So today I’ll have to see what kind of remedies and recourses are available to me for the hijacking of my e-mail address.

If you received one of these messages, purportedly from me, you have my regrets.

And I would caution you against purchasing OEM software – from anyone.

6 thoughts on “My Name is Keith Brenton, and I Did Not Approve of This Message

  1. Well, I was mistaken about part of this … It’s not my e-mail address that was hijacked, but my domain name. Then the spammers just made up dozens of e-mail addresses using it. Since anything with an e-mail address from my domain was being forwarded to my personal e-mail address, I got close to a thousand returned e-mails before I turned off the forwarding feature.I’ve contacted my web hosting company and domain name registry company for help.I also removed any applications in my folder on the web site host’s server that might have been used to send the e-mails.Unfortunately, that’s no guarantee that it will stop. Spammers can insert a “spoofed” originating domain name into the header of their e-mails; it doesn’t have to match the actual one they’re sending from. That’s one of those major details about the Internet that didn’t get fixed before Al Gore invented it.So if you don’t want to get hijacked, don’t get your own domain name.

  2. Good grief!!Does this mean that since my blog is at “” that I’m susceptible to such hijacking, Keith? Is there not any way to prevent that? I’m not the most techno-savvy person at the table here, as you all know.

  3. It’s possible, Dee. I haven’t found a defense against it yet.Companies who do these things live in the shadows of the Internet – kinda like cockroaches and rats – making it pretty hard to rout them out.

  4. Yep when you stick your neck out there you might get it whacked off.I went to a site which I had visited many times before, I even had a shortcut on desktop, all I can say is Iam glad no one else was watching. this is a sorry world we live in.

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