I haven’t blogged much recently, and I regret that.

I think I know what Saul must have felt like when the Spirit departed from him, and I can understand why David begged God not to take Him away.

I hope mine is just the kind of dry spell that Jerusalem had during its time of Ichabod; when the ark had been stolen away and the glory had departed. I hope inspiration will soon return, and when it does I will not take many steps before I offer a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.

In the meantime – broaden your horizons. Read some blogs and books and passages of scripture that you have never read before. Read old favorites in a new way, with a fresh perspective. Listen for God.

If He seems silent, endure Ichabod.

Maybe He has some threshing and refining to do in your life, too.

5 thoughts on “Ichabod

  1. It was just a week ago that I was lamenting having the blahs big time. So I understand.We’ve missed you, but what you’ve written has been very good, Keith. Don’t despair. It happens to all of us at one time or another.I was sitting here this very morning thinking I had total writer’s block and then a new mini-contest idea made it’s way into my psyche so that’s what I’ve now blogged on at Finding Direction. You won a category in the last Finding Direction photo contest, so drop by and enter this one! You’ll have fun and maybe get some creative ideas, friend.Cheers & Blessings to you, Keith! Dee

  2. Dear Keith,I hate the dry spells. Those times when it feels I couldn’t find God even if He was sitting beside me at a table. I’m sorry you seem to be in one of those places. I know how it goes. I’ve kind of been there too lately. Thanks for the encouragement to get into the Word again in new ways.Lara

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