Free Preview Chapter from an Intriguing Book

Here’s a link to a free PDF preview chapter (the first) of a book by Off-The-Map.Org‘s Jim Henderson and atheist pal Matt Casper’s many journeys to different churches across the country and their reactions to them – as a follower of Christ and an atheist.

The book, appropriately enough, is titled “Jim and Casper Go To Church.”

My favorite quote so far:

Jesus didn’t just teach principles; he taught practices. He gave people something to do. He didn’t just teach them about forgiveness; he told them to forgive their debtors. He didn’t just talk about love as a concept (eros, phileo, and agape); he told people to love their enemies. He didn’t just tell people to think about changing their behaviors; he told them to repent (change their actions). Sure it’s challenging, but it doesn’t take a weekend seminar to understand what he means.


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