More Excellent Way

The kingdom of God has precious little to do with being right about everything.

But it is all about doing good toward everyone.

(Use a number 2 pencil. Neatness counts. No erasures.)

6 thoughts on “More Excellent Way

  1. Keith, you silly boy…….you left off the part about how important the Sunday assembly is! Where are your priorites, brother?DU

  2. One of our household mantras is “It’s better to be kind than to be right”. I haven’t gotten all of us to behave that way all the time, but we are working on it. It’s a good way to live from several angles. One of the best is simply expediency. You’ll get more back, and everybody wins more, by being kind than by being right. Also, I Cor. 13 says this same thing over and over, and in summary.A friend tells the story of wanting to be homecoming queen at her high school. She tried being popular, (right clothes, right friends) but was miserable. She just gave up on that, and decided instead to just be nice to people, and hang the homecoming queen dream. She was elected homecoming queen

  3. Besides, life is so much easier to be kind than to be right. Afterall, it is exhausting to be right all the time! Takes a lot of energy. Kindness is just easier! My mantra for many years has been, left me make a mistake. I feel better when I make mistakes and can try something different. Why do something the same ole way all the time, just to be right? There are lots of issues that go along with being right. Kindness is an easy issue all alone.

  4. Command: Be ye kind one to anotherExample: Jesus’s sacrifice was kind, but not just (right). Had he been just, we would be condemned.Necessary Inference: We are to put the same priority on kindness vs. rightness.There you go: according to the much used CENI heirarchy, it must be right to place less importance on being right.

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