Where Do You Worship?

In a humble house, like the one in Bethlehem where the wise men worshiped the newborn King? In the courts of a magnificent temple, where Simeon the priest once took Him in his arms?

In a boat, like the one in which the Lord stilled the waves and calmed the wind? By a river, like the one where Luke and Paul found Lydia and her household?

Outside of a place of judgment, perhaps a courtroom where your accusers have just turned you out? In maximum-security prison, where no reprieve is expected? Anticipating God’s judgment seat; His very throne in heaven?

In a church where fasting and praying takes place? In a church where everyone is prophesying?

In a synagogue – or the house next door? Or a public lecture hall?

Wherever the Lord’s light shines before men? At the foot of a cross, as the world’s light fades out?

On the road into town, as Jesus’ followers did when He entered Jerusalem? On the way back home, as they did after He was lifted up to heaven?

On a mountain or in Jerusalem?

Or does the “where” not matter to you at all – as long as you can worship in spirit and in truth?

6 thoughts on “Where Do You Worship?

  1. Interestingly enough, at first glance to the title of this post, the answer that popped into my head was “In my car!” That’s the one place (when I’m by myself) where I can sing w/out worrying what people think. Good thing I don’t subscribe too strictly to that whole “command, example, inference” idea…because although you’ve listed several Biblical examples here, I doubt you’d find worship in a car in there! Perhaps a Bible study in a chariot or something like that, though…Then, of course, a church building was the next thing to pop into my head…because as much as I love singin’ at the top of my lungs, that can never replace the experience of getting to worship <>with others!<>Finally, I recall all the small group worship times that I’ve experienced in people’s homes or wherever…I think I love less formal worship times the most!But as you said, the where doesn’t really matter that much. What matters is that I try to worship Him, not just in the times listed above, but ALL the time (Rom. 12:1)

  2. I agree with mmlace, that worship is about praising God, wherever you are or whenever you can. Our “formal” worship lately has become quite interesting since we have merged the two churchs ( cofc and christian). We have tried to look at “church” differently and be open to ways of doing “church.” We do a lot of dramas and dramatic readings. Given us food for thought and keeps us on our toes to think outsde the box. I think one of my favorite times of worship was when we had a beach house and all our family was there and worshiped together! Special time! Singing is always a great time and at Zoe and other events, worship can really inspire me by the singings. I usually end up crying the whole time! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of all the “places” for worship in scripture.

  3. Good stuff. I worship when walking the dog. I have to always be moving forward or Abby will stop and get into some manner of mischief. Oddly enough this keeps me from getting stagnant and intelectual time at Mt. Zion is more flowing.Regretably, it is all but illegal to worship in school

  4. It’s interesting to me that we seem to assume that worship is a “thing” instead of a way of life, as if we can turn on, and off, “adoration” as we want. Seems a little fake to me.

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