Abductive Columns

New Wineskins Conversation Editor Fred Peatross has made the move back to the WordPress blogging format and to his own domain name: Abductive Columns. (His RSS feed is http://www.abductivecolumns.com/feed/.)

Fred PeatrossHis blog began about a decade ago as “Grace Awakenings,” and he has long made a point – if not a second career – of challenging our very traditional notions of Christianity. He has interviewed extraordinary thinkers, meditators and students of the Word over those years – as well as having written a number of booklets and the recent book Missio Dei: In the Crisis of Christianity.

He will cheerfully but passionately rankle your preciously-held notions about what it means to follow Christ and be His church, and at his blog he always leaves the latch-string on the outside and the red carpet rolled out.

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