Intermission: Christianity

A break from the “innovation” series is needed, at least by me.

I’ve read some interesting tomes the last few weeks, among them unChristian and Pagan Christianity.

I’ve been writing a morning devotional pretty much every day at the ZOE Group / New Wineskins Daily Life of Worship blog.

(For the moment, our main ZOE Group and New Wineskins sites are down. Yet, through messages on a separate e-mail subscription system and the New Wineskins blog, we’ve been able to get out the message about the tragedy that has befallen our Executive Director Eric Noah-Wilson’s family, and hundreds have already responded with e-mail messages of prayer and hope to him.)

All of these things in my life -for very different reasons – have formed a question in my mind and heart that I think has been nudging at many others within our faith for a long time now:

Could we do better for the cause of Christ if we saw Christianity less as a religion and more as an identity?

4 thoughts on “Intermission: Christianity

  1. Amen!!!!I was so sorry to hear of the sad news concerning Eric’s family. We are continuing to pray. Thanks for the information coming our way and giving us an opportunity to bring that family to the throne of God for comfort. I have sent an e-mail and will continue to pray. Thanks for your always insightful thoughts.

  2. ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Ask the first century Christians. Great point my brother, even though you communicated it in the form of a question……you wise one.DU

  3. To the person who asked for a point of clarity:By this question I mean: “Could we do better for the cause of Christ in this world if we were less fixated about what we do and how we do it for an hour on Sunday morning and more concerned about how we live Christ the other 167 hours of the week?”I’m not saying that religion or doctrine or gathered worship aren’t important within Christianity. But they aren’t the whole of trying to live a Christ-like life.I have a long way to go toward that. I’d like to hope that most followers of Christ feel that way about themselves.But if it’s just some rules I have to follow or something I do for a little while each week, rather than who I am – well, I can’t fit all of the Christ-like living that needs to be lived into 60 minutes … can you?

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