Pray for These Dear Ones

The Stephen Curtis Chapman family, who lost their 5-year-old girl, Maria Sue, in an accident at home yesterday.

The John Dobbs family, who lost an 18-year-old son, John Robert, yesterday in a motor vehicle accident.

The family of Eric Noah-Wilson, executive director of the ZOE Group, whose 33-year-old sister Kristi Blank left this life last night after an intentional overdose of ordinary pharmaceuticals Saturday.

My blogging friend John Mark Hicks, who has been mourning dearly loved ones this week on the anniversary of his son Joshua’s death May 21, 2001. These new losses in God’s family must be especially trying to him.

I just have no words. No wisdom. No solace. No comfort to offer. Only grief shared, and prayer, and love for these who hurt too deeply for words or wisdom or solace or comfort.

3 thoughts on “Pray for These Dear Ones

  1. There is so much power in numbers. I pray that each of these people you mention feel the presence of God’s comfort and strength during this difficult time. Kinney Mabry

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