Boo At The Zoo

Angi and I took our daughter Laura, 12, and her neighbor Caroline, 9, to the annual ‘Boo At The Zoo’ last night. Matt, at 15, is too old for such tomfoolery while there are video games and an operating X-Box 360 in his room.

He missed a great time, though.

At ‘Boo At the Zoo,’ though most of the animals are asleep, you will see all kinds of colorful creatures going from tented booth to booth trading tickets for treats … eating funnel cakes and corn dogs … riding carnival rides and the Little Rock Zoo’s long-time attraction, the miniature choo-choo. LOTS of colorful creatures. Dozens and hundreds and thousands as the night grows darker and the lines grow longer.

It’s a real zoo!

They pass giant wire-frame sculptures of spooks and jack-o-lanterns. To pass the time in lines, they see glowing pumpkin patches and “cemeteries” alight with skeleton-topped “tombstones” that all read:

R.I.P. Ashes to ashes / Dust to dust / Here lies someone / I wouldn’t trust.

The tombstones are cute … the first time. But there are dozens of them, all over the zoo, and they all read the same!

So the would-be writer in me got to thinking (as we waited in line for treats and rides): “What if they were different? What if they were funny epitaphs like the bizarre ones people used to have, with names that sounded like animal names?”

And this is what I came up with:

She traveled slow
Her life well-spent
She’d always go
Where her trunk went.
Her songs and cries
Always enthralled
But to the skies
Her soul was called.
Too young for wife,
Too small for friend,
The circle of life
His life did end.
To fish – he can
To fly – he can
To cry – he can
To die – he can.
For many eyes
He’d flash his plumes
But now he lies
‘Midst flowers’ blooms.
A mask so smart
He always wore
He’d steal your heart
But is no more.
He was quite tall
And quick of tongue
He took a fall …
Now he’s just long.
When aped at sport
He’d take a ribbin’
To rude retort
He was not gibbon.
A prickly quill
He’d always wield
Yet to Death’s will
He had to yield.

Okay, probably too weird and morbid for most kids … and many adults ….

What do you think? Worth suggesting to the folks at the Zoo?

8 thoughts on “Boo At The Zoo

  1. I am glad you guys had a great Halloween. It is so much fun to see our kids enjoying the holiday. I think the zoo is a great idea. I enjoyed this post. Keep up the great work brother. I hope you have a blessed week.

  2. Keith,I want to thank you brother for letting us all know about the new ZOE CD. I know this one is going to be wonderful. ZOE has so much talent in the group. I know that they have been an inspiritation to my life as I listen to them when I am traveling and even on Sunday mornings as the family gets ready for church. I have been thanking about you this week brother and hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend ahead.

  3. Keith, I know what I am thinking, but…well…after < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this post<>, I think I might be a little bit afraid to leave a comment…

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