Other Times I Can’t Blog

When I'm behind in my work – such as rewriting a 152-question online survey in a different scripting language.

When I'm behind in my work for New Wineskins' latest issue and The ZOE Group's newest album converted to high-quality downloadable MP3s.

When I have virtually no Internet access at home, and need to replace my worthless provider.

Or all of the above, which has been the case for the last several weeks.

Thanks for your concerns and prayers.

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4 thoughts on “Other Times I Can’t Blog

  1. Existential problem, David … how can you miss what ain’t there?I’m scheduled to get high-speed Internet access from Comcast a week from today, which beats nonexistent Internet access from AT&T.Though it will cost my friendship with the Slowskis. (Maybe I can finally tell him that he doesn’t look that good in turtlenecks.)

  2. I’m with David! See, there you go, not only wisdom, but wit and humility to top it off! Those are probably the three things I miss most when you don’t blog for three weeks!

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