Once Upon a Faith

Once upon a faith
there was a man who walked around doing good.
He really did; he walked around and hardly ever rode.
Walking put him among people … among whom he could do the most good.
So he did lots of good.
He never took any credit for it; hardly ever talked about himself; just talked about God.
He told them how much God loved them
and how much God wanted them to stop hurting
and each other
and him,
and repent.
He healed sick people, where people recognized what he was doing as from God.
He fed hungry people because he had compassion on them.
He thrashed evil from their lives and lovingly told them that they needed to repent.
He raised dead people to life and promised life without end to those who would live their faith in God.
He did not have a manager,
a handler,
a public relations and advertising firm,
a security detail,
a driver,
a transport and setup team,
a makeup artist,
a costumer,
a technical staff,
a caterer
or a personal assistant.
He did not take up collections,
and he did not promise results for belief
which should be expressed in generous giving to his ministry.
He did not dabble much in politics or religion,
except when the work and teachings he shared were opposed.
And when those people who thought they stood the most to lose from his words
finally sprang the one big “gotcha”
from which they thought he could not escape
there were no angels who rescued him
no legions who fought for him
no followers who stood faithful at his side
and he died
because the miracles had never been for him, but for them.
Then he escaped anyway.
And he shared the gifts of helping and healing
among the followers who repented
and were willing and walking
and did good for others
and who never took any credit for it
and who hardly ever talked about themselves
and who talked about God.
When their time came, they died too
because the miracles had never been for themselves, but for others
and they died believing
that they and many others would live again, forever,
because God sent a man walking
once upon a faith.

16 thoughts on “Once Upon a Faith

  1. Keith sounds like you are talking about “the Son of God, the perfect man” who God placed above all things, and now that man is with “His God, and our God” as our priest representing us before The one God the Father.
    I do take opposition with one thing you said ” he did not have a manager, a handler” Jesus himself said he did.

  2. I’m about 80%, bro; thanks for asking. Got hit by a perfect storm of exhaustion, bad nutrition while traveling, sinusitis, and a kidney stone. It’ll catch up with you.

  3. laymond,

    even operating on your conclusion that Jesus was a really awesome dude but not divine, you’re dead wrong about God being his manager or his handler.

    Handlers tell you what to say so that you won’t offend people. That’s why, when public figures say incredibly asinine or atrocious things, we wonder, “Where were their handlers???” The Father didn’t HANDLE Jesus.

    and a public figure’s manager schedules all their gigs and makes sure they get paid and does their best to insulate the public figure from the outside world so that they can focus on their vocation. The Father didn’t MANAGE Jesus.

    Keith, I hope you feel better soon. As a fellow aspiring poet and lover of words, I would only add quotes around “belief which should be expressed in generous giving to his ministry” to make it sound even more officious and whatever. But this is very cool stuff. I like you more and more (not that having me as a fan gets anyone anything but a meal when they’re in town!)

  4. Nick, I am so glad you are around to keep me straight, if you weren’t I would never know of all the untruths printed in the bible.

    Jn.:5:30 I can of my own self do nothing:
    as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just;
    because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which has sent me.

    Jn:8:28 Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me,
    I speak these things.

    (there are other places I could quote)

    Nick I just take for granted if I am ever in town I should expect to buy my own hamburger.

  5. Dell, I’m not a doctor, don’t even play one on the net, but I suggest you eat more chicken and fish, and have your cholestrol monotered. They have a lipitor and asprin regement now, that might save you what I went through.

  6. Keith since you seem to be stuck for something to write about, or you have quit writing. I would like to give you something to think about.

    If Jesus was God as you say he was, and not a man, what did he mean in the following conversation.
    John #:13 no man has ascended to heaven except the son of man. some versions say no one. some even say nothing. What happened to Enoch and alisha, what happened to all the angels like Gaberial and others that are spoken of in the bible, where are they. Unless Jesus was talking strictly of a man, and calling himself that man.please give us your thoughts on this.

  7. laymond, there’s a danger in taking everything in scripture literally when perhaps not everything is meant literally.

    When Jesus says (in John 6:27) “Do not work for food that spoils,” does He literally mean we should not work so we can eat?

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