Holy frijoles.

Every time I look at that little counter at the bottom right-hand column of my blog and see its disproportionately large number of unique visitors since January 7, 2005, I shudder a little.

I know I’ve fallen off the bottom of Matt Dabbs’ top 25-most-visited bloggers, and that’s okay. I know the views and comments have dropped off since I tried (and failed, thanks to illness) to blog daily through the Bible … and that’s okay, too. I know I have only a fraction of the followers that many even less-visited sites have … yup, okay with me.

And I’m even convinced that the content of this blog probably isn’t as exciting or fresh or topical or current or even as well-written as it used to be. Sorry about that, but you know, you can only say the same things emphatically a certain number of times before you sound like Johnny One-Note.

I don’t mind trying things and failing. It’s how I learn.

What I’m really looking for is a way to express Christ on this blog.

I tried a cooperative blog once – What Would Jesus Do Next? – and it was fun for a while, but it languished.

For several months, I attempted to write fifty-two communion meditations from all over scripture, each pointing to Jesus. Until I got to the gospels and the reality of the task; the complexity of the character of Christ just became too daunting to tackle.

So I’m asking.

All 75,000 of you. (Or whoever’s left!)

What do you suggest?

What resonates with you?

What did you feel blessed by reading?

What did you automatically skip?

What would you like to see through this Eye?

6 thoughts on “75,000

  1. What resonates with me? Good writing, which you always provide, regardless of subject.

    What do I feel blessed by reading? well, I could say ditto, but I won’t; what blesses me is when someone takes the time and courage to write about the challenging engagement between Christ and their vocation. Where is Christ leading? What scares you about it?

    What do I automatically skip? Rants.

    What would I like to see through this Eye? How the kingdom of God is breaking into its world.

  2. Just real life stuff…what you think, where you struggle, how you experience God in your life… I think that is what bound us all together in the beginning. Not many of us seem up to that any more. Facebook helped turn us into one-liners….

  3. Just switch to WordPress and everything will work out fine!

    The main thing that will draw people to read is just to be yourself and write about what you are passionate about. If that is what you are doing and you are growing from the process then that is enough right there to keep on keeping on.

  4. door prizes? I think it all depends on what you want out of your blog. Obviously some people want lots of hits. They do lots of promotion often by commenting on everyone else. Some people blog as a kind of ministry and others are recording their thoughts and if comments come then great. I always read you but usually it is just in bloglines. For me the height of blogs was when there was a community and you daily either learned or were encouraged or just shared what people were experiencing in their life.

    Mostly now I only read people I feel some connection to and get a glimpse of what is going on with them.

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