Thankless Thanksgiving

An atheist’s life must be trying indeed
with no end of strife and yet no faith to plead

with moral compunctions that have no real source
and choices at junctions but no certain course

surrounded with beauty and no One to praise
no feeling of duty, no paean to raise

awash in abundance yet no One to thank
swayed by the influence that God is a prank

tempted to be hateful or angry or vexed
still moved to be grateful yet somehow perplexed

on thankless Thanksgiving, the atheist’s need
– forgive my forgiving – must be trying indeed.

One thought on “Thankless Thanksgiving

  1. Not so bad poetry…I can’t imagine how it must be to have a thankless Thanksgiving…or a thankless life for that matter. A pity.

    Thanking God is one of the most awesome things in my life…I find it difficult to thank Him enough…

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