State of the Union

Tonight, President Donald J. Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address.

He will tell everyone how great everything is in America, and how it has all happened because he is so great.

And all of his voter-fanboys will agree with him.

He will not say that the United States is perhaps more divided than it has been since the Civil War because of policies that support white supremacy, misogyny, funneling more wealth to the wealthy, religious bigotry, fear and paranoia.

He will not say that the United States is failing to respond to the threat of election encroachment by foreign powers.

He will not say that the United States cannot be protected by a wall or a military force with billions more to spend or by temporary immigrant ban after ban because the greatest threat to her is from within her — a citizenry with no self-control and total self-interest, virtually no moral compass, frustrated by the ongoing economic oppression of oligarchs and armed to the teeth.

He will not say that the United States’ hopes lie with freedom of information, a free press, a population united by concern for each other through charity and volunteerism and genuine faith … in each other; in our Constitution; in a real and actual God rather than just the invocation of a name.

He will not say that the United States becomes a stronger nation by maintaining good relationships with other nations and caring deeply about the issues which concern them as well, even if sometimes that means we do not monetarily profit by caring.

He will not say that moral purity and grace and kindness and humility and forgiveness are all key components of citizenship and a nation’s character.

He will not say these things because he does not believe them.

And a significant percentage of the country agrees with him.

Some even believe that God agrees with him.

And that is the state of our disunion.

6 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. Thank you, Keith, for expressing well actions and attitudes that make individuals, and a nation, great. Let’s pray that this man who speaks tonight will grow increasingly in his knowledge of the living God, that he will recognize the urgency to value truth highly, and that he will encourage a press that seeks the good of the people by keeping their leaders accountable.

  2. Truth be told it has been the Democrats who have divided this nation. Dividing people into special entrust groups, blacks against whites, women against men etc. All the while calling us bigots, racist, and homophobes, just because we disagree. The speech as we now know was in deed great, 75 percent thought so. The democrats “hate” this president so much they couldn’t even stand and clap for African American unemployment being the lowest ever recorded. Talk about the party of hate, it is now clear who that is. I as a Christian cannot be a part of a party that champions sin. Such as abortion, the homosexual lifestyle as well as gay marriage. Not to mention their advocating as normal and pure the mental illness of being transgender.

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