Lack of faith

I still have the same faith in God that I’ve always had. I’ve lost faith in church.

Which is to say, I’ve lost faith in people.

And I’m not sure that ritual — however much we may think we need it — is the best way that worship is communicated; that single-use once-a-week buildings and structures are effective or cost-justifiable in getting God’s work done with Him in this world; or that human authorities, hierarchies, teachings and traditions that judge and exclude others glorify Him or draw others to Him at all.

I retired from a short stint in preaching ministry three years ago, but this conclusion is a long time a-comin’. Decades. More than half of my 67-year life.

I can’t apologize for this.

It’s a doubt that is deeply and honestly held.


One thought on “Lack of faith

  1. I know there are others who feel the same as you do and I believe there is truth in some of it. I admit I do wonder if this is not always a reason but sometimes an excuse. I need the assembling together of members of the church, I gain spiritual strength from doing so. Are buildings necessary for this? Perhaps not but I do believe they are a good thing . I would not like to see a world without them. I prefer to think the good outweighs the many imperfections. Are we who claim to be Christ followers perfect? Far from it but for me bailing is not a solution, I want to be and strive to be Christ like in a way that will inspire somebody to come sit beside me.

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